One of the main reasons people attend comic, anime, and other conventions is to be in and see Cosplays. Our costumes leave a long lasting and positive impression convention attendees and are talked about for years to come.

Our costumes can have a similar effect in a large variety of events. Parades and other public events, where moving through a town, up and down stairs, and other challenges for large costumes are overcome by our expert engineering skills.

Corporate events and Stage Shows

Night Clubs, and their inherently dark enclosed spaces, are not an obstacle for the mobility and functionality of our robots. The Overkill

Our costumes are highly mobile; we can move them around the world and they can each handle stairs, tight crowds, and much more! They will stand out, head and shoulders above the crowd, drawing in patrons and spectators.

By hiring us, you will draw a crowd, the media, and gain great advertising opportunities. We do not rent out our costumes, but we are willing to travel to you (nigh regardless of location) in order to perform at your event. We are skilled in the logistics of how to move giant costumes across the planet, at the most reasonable rate possible.

Our Odin and Overkill robots can both be re-branded to suit the event they are traveling to. Our Wings are custom made and can suit what ever needs you may have, given enough time to design and construct them.

Please contact us for rates, dates, and planning.